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Does shaving make your hair thicker?

Contrary to popular belief, shaving your hair does not make it grow back thicker or faster, phew.
This misconception is mainly due to the different stages of hair regrowth after shaving. Let's take a look at the facts.

But my hair regrowth feels thicker?

Unshaven hair has a finer tip. After shaving, your hair will start to regrow and you’ll see the coarser base and not the softer, thinner part that will eventually grow back. It takes about 1 month for body hair to reach its full length, only then will you see these finer tips again.

I'm sure my hair looks darker after shaving?

Hair regrowth can sometimes appear darker. This is partly due to its thickness (that coarser base), but it may also be because the new hair hasn’t yet been exposed to natural elements. Sun exposure, soaps, and other chemicals can all lighten your hair.

And if you have lighter skin, you may notice new hairs from regrowth even more. This is because of the colour contrast between your skin and your hair. It doesn't have anything to do with shaving.

But doesn't it grow back faster?

As hair grows from its roots, it passes through the follicles and sebaceous glands of your skin. Once your hair exits the skin’s surface, its cells are no longer alive.

When you shave, you’re essentially removing dead hair at the surface of the skin. Since shaving doesn’t remove hair under the skin, it’s impossible for you to affect its colour, thickness, or rate of growth.

Want the good news?

Because a safety razor offers a much closer shave, it means you don't have to shave as often. 😏