The Razor

What is a Safety Razor?

How do I shave with a Safety Razor?

Will I cut myself with a Safety Razor?

How often should I change the blade?

What do I do with used blades?

How is a Safety Razor kinder on my skin?

Will my Safety Razor Rust?

How long with the razor last?

What is the Safety Razor made of?

How is shaving with a Safety Razor cheaper?

Where can I get refill blades from?

Can I travel with a Safety Razor?

Shaving Products

Are your shaving products cruelty-free?

What do you mean by 'clean' products?

Are you Vegan friendly?

Should I use Soap or Oil to shave with?


Do you accept returns or exchanges?


Where do you ship?

Where do you ship and how long does it take?


Do you use plastic in your packaging?