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4 of Our Favourite Low-waste Bathroom Swaps

Hero image credit: Shalyn Bessler

Here are a few of my favourite low-waste bathroom swaps which have all been tried and tested (for many months!). I hope you discover some new brands to check out! As always, use up what you have first and remember, progress over perfection.

*There are no affiliate links in this post, just brands I love with the exception of  my own brand at the end which (obviously) I'm affiliated to 😃*

1. Deodorant 

Most deodorants come in packaging that's hard to recycle and contain harmful ingredients to our body (like aluminium). I'm a sweaty person so I knew it was going to be a challenge finding the right swap!

I tried so many 'natural' deodorants on the market and even made some DIYs with no success. Dare I say it, I think I started smelling worse?! I felt like giving up until I found Routine Cream. The one I have comes in a jar, however they've recently brought out sticks if you don't like the idea of rubbing deodorant on your pits. I've tried nearly all the different scents and the Curator is still my No.1. My partner and I share it and fight over who has used more!

Low-waste bathroom swaps: Deodorant 

2. Shampoo Bars

There is a LOT of plastic waste when it comes to shampoo bottles (and so many brands test on animals, sigh). One option could be to simply refill your existing shampoo bottles if you're lucky enough to have a refill store in your neighbourhood. Or, you could try shampoo bars.

Once again, I tried a LOT of shampoo bars. As we all have different hair types, finding the right bar might take a little trial and error so don't give up if the first brand you try isn't a hit. Some made my hair feel very greasy and my hair never felt very 'clean'. The best ones I've found so far are from Unwrapped Life. I love the smell of the Bora Bora bar although this one is a blend of essential oils and synthetic fragrance (paraben and phalate-free). If you wanted essential oils only, you can check out their Wildcrafted range.

Low-waste bathroom swap: Shampoo bar

3. Menstrual Cup and/or Underwear

I'll be honest, when I first heard about the concept of the menstrual cup many years ago, I was a little grossed out. One of my friends kept bugging me to try it so I did, and wow! A total game-changer. You can save so much money long-term, you don't have to constantly change it throughout the day, and you're not putting toxic chemicals and fibres near your bits that cause irritation. Sometimes I even forget I'm on my period when I'm using the cup.

Every body and cervix shape is different so I did (once again) have to do a little shopping around for the right 'fit'. The first 2 brands were 'ok' but I did experience leaking which put me on edge a little, especially when you don't have a friend nearby to do the "butt check". 

Then I spoke to the team at Hello Cup that explained how even though I was older (which usually means I need the S/M cup), the fact that I workout regularly I might mean I'd need the XS size. I was skeptical, how could something smaller prevent leaks, but it worked! Hello Cup has even brought out a low-cervix cup now too so there are lots of different options for different body shapes. I highly recommend taking their quiz or reaching out via email as they are a wealth of information and can help you find the right fit.

 low-waste bathroom swaps: menstrual cup
If cups aren't your jam, reusable period underwear or pads are a great alternative. I actually like this option for nighttime when I want to give my huha a break or on lighter days when I don't want to use a cup. I really love Aisle, the garments are ethically made in Vancouver and I love the inclusivity of the brand, they also offer sizing from XS-5X.  I have their Bikini, Thong, and Brief style underwear. They are also partnered with Sezzle so that you can make 4 interest-free payments over time as even though you'll save money longterm, it is obviously more of an upfront cost. 

low-waste bathroom swaps: period pants


4. Safety Razor

So I had to give my own brand a shout-out here, Lisse Shave! The reason I started my company was because I was totally fed-up of our current system. Plastic razors are hard on the environment, the lubricating strip is full of toxic chemicals (often the real cause behind shaving irritation), and refills are hella expensive. Safety razors are a more upfront cost however with refills costing you only $0.18 per blade ($0.018 per shave), you'll shave a ton of money longterm. 

I was SO nervous when I first tried a safety razor but as soon as I had, I wondered what the fuss was about. These have typically been viewed as a "man's razor" but ANYONE can use this type of razor, gender has nothing to do with it. And yes, you can shave all the places. If you're curious to see how to shave with it, check out our how-to page.

low-waste bathroom swaps: lisse shave safety razor


I hope you found that list useful and have discovered some new brands. Moving to low-waste options is a journey and one that rarely looks like the "perfect" version of low-waste we see on instagram. So be kind to yourself and I'd love to know in the comments or if you have tried any of these out! 

Amy xo

Founder, Lisse Shave