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Why Femme International?

In many parts of the world, something as natural as a menstrual cycle is is seen as shameful. Period taboos​ lead to a dangerous lack of ​menstrual health education​ that in turn enable myths to perpetuate and hold people with periods back during their ​monthly cycle. Without menstrual education, they are left scared, confused, and embarrassed when their period comes as they don't understand what it is or how to handle it. 

Femme International operate in East Africa but they don't just drop off reusable period products to schools. They break down these period taboos through education, engaging communities in conversations, and provide ongoing support.

The Twawesa Program

In Swahili, “twaweza” means “we can”, because this is a problem Femme can fix. Their main areas of focus:

  • Increase knowledge of feminine health & hygiene within communities.
  • Break down reproductive taboos and myths.
  • Distribute a sustainable solution to menstrual management.
  • Reduce the rate of girls missing school.

Education, education, education

Femme lead a series of interactive workshops that aim to empower people with periods to be confident within their bodies, and ensure that menstruation does not cause them to miss school. They prioritize the creation of a safe space to allow for open conversations about puberty, reproductive anatomy, sexual health, body hygiene, menstruation, and menstrual management. Discussions have often evolved to include more sensitive topics such as rape, masturbation, FGM, and loss of virginity.

Sustainable periods

Femme Kits are distributed to all beneficiaries of the Twaweza Program and are designed to contain everything a someone needs to manage their menstrual cycle.

The main component of the Femme Kits is either a menstrual cup or washable pads (their choice). Femme remove the financial burden of menstruation and provide safe, environmentally-friendly alternatives to disposable pads or other more unhygienic methods of menstrual management. 

Your purchase helps

We donate 2% of gross razor sales directly to Femme International's Twaweza projects. So not only are you ditching the plastic, but you're helping to empower young folks so they never have to skip school because of a period every again.