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The Razor

What is a Safety Razor?

How do I shave with a Safety Razor?

Will I cut myself with a Safety Razor?

How often should I change the blade?

What do I do with used blades?

How is a Safety Razor kinder on my skin?

Will my Safety Razor Rust?

How long with the razor last?

What is the Safety Razor made of?

How is shaving with a Safety Razor cheaper?

Where can I get refill blades from?

Can I travel with a Safety Razor?

Shaving Products

Are your shaving products cruelty-free?

What do you mean by 'clean' products?

Are you Vegan friendly?

Should I use Soap or Oil to shave with?


Do you accept returns or exchanges?


Where do you ship and how long does it take?


Do you use plastic in your packaging?