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Lisse Safety Razor Refills
Lisse Safety Razor RefillsLisse Safety Razor Refills
$19.00 USD

Buying in bulk is by far the most economical way to shave and lowers your eco-footprint when compared to blades on subscription. 

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A close, smooth shave without the irritation. 100 blades will last you AT LEAST two years and that's assuming you are using a new blade every week. In reality, we change ours every month, so this baby will last us 8 years.

And this is precisely why big companies don't want you switching to a safety razor, you save so much money in the long-term.


-Ditching the plastic & ingrown hairs

-Saving a sh*t ton of money!


-100% Pure Swedish Stainless Steel blades

-Individually wrapped in paper, not plastic

How long does each blade last?

This is dependent on your hair type and how much of your body you are shaving. Safety razor blades have the same "shave life" as multi-blade razors.


4-6 shaves for coarse hair

7-10 shaves for normal to fine hair

When do I change the blade?

When you start to feel a 'tugging' or a dull blade then you know it's time to change. Make sure you always change the blade with dry hands, and use this as an opportunity to give your razor head a clean. You can check out our how-to page for more information on how to change the blade.

What do I do with the used blades?

The blades are 100% stainless steel and fully recyclable. You'll notice that they are SUPER thin and small. We like to keep a small jar in our bathroom to pop the blades into.

It will take YEARS to fill up, at which point you can take to your local sharps or metal recycling depending on your local guidelines. Just be mindful how you dispose of sharp objects for the folks handling the recycling.