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Annual spend with a Safety Razor: $8.76

We get it, a Safety Razor is an upfront investment. Which is something we're not used to when it comes to razors. However, it WILL save you a lot of money in the long-run. 


The following cost comparison was actually done by one of our customers. 

A Cost Comparison


Let's look at the math...

This is based on changing your blade once a month:


Multi-blade plastic razor:

*8 + 13 = $21 for 6 blades = 6 months

21/6 = $3.50 per month or $42 per year


Lisse Shave safety razor:

**59 + 18 = $77 for 105 blades = 105 months

77/105 = $0.73 per month or $8.76 per year


As you can see, the secret sauce in saving money is in the refills. The big money-making corporations don't want you to make the switch to a safety razor because it will hurt their pockets. Plastic razor companies make a fortune in these over-priced refills that have you coming back to them every month.


Obviously this is just one comparison from one person's perspective. But no matter which brands you compare, you will always save money with a safety razor!