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Beauty Hacks: Armpit Shaving Tips

How to shave your armpit hair for a smooth and sustainable shave

If you’re an armpit shaver, this sensitive area has its own unique set of challenges for shaving -- the hair grows in all directions, the skin can be wrinkly or saggy, and the angle awkward to reach. We’ve compiled seven beauty hacks for shaving your armpits, not only for a smoother, more comfortable shave, but a more sustainable one too.

Clean and Exfoliate

Before you begin your shave, be sure that your armpit is clean and free of deodorant, sweat, and other residue. You can exfoliate with a gentle body scrub to help slough away surficial dead skin cells, or scrub gently with a warm washcloth. Over time, gentle exfoliation will also help reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs, setting the foundation for a clean and comfortable shave.

Hydrate your skin before shaving

After your skin has been cleansed, hydrate your skin before shaving with a moisturizing shave soap or oil. This will help provide a lubricated base for a close and comfortable shave, while minimizing the risk of irritation, razor bumps, and flakey skin. We recommend the Lisse Sweet Citrus Shave Oil, which helps lock in moisture with coconut and jojoba oil, with a summer-inspired scent of sweet orange and verbena essential oil. Like all our products, the Lisse Shave Oil is vegan-friendly with no animal byproduct ingredients and is cruelty-free.

Pick your razor wisely

Say no to disposable plastic razors; 10 billion of them are thrown into landfills around the world every year. Instead, opt for a high-quality reusable safety razor where you only need to change and dispose of the blade. In addition to this being the most economical option over a lifetime of shaving, you’re also making the most sustainable decision for our environment, not to mention- no more ingrown hairs!

Make sure your blade is sharp

A sharp blade is key to a smooth and comfortable shave. When using a reusable razor, you know it’s time to change your blade when there’s a ‘tugging’ feeling when you shave. If you’re a daily shaver, you can expect to change to a new blade every two weeks or so.

Pull your skin taut

The skin under your armpit can be wrinkly or saggy. For a close and comfortable shave, pull the skin taut to create a flat and smooth surface so there are no wrinkles or creases for your razor to skip over. This also decreases your chance of accidentally nicking your skin while shaving.

Shave in all directions

Unlike the hair on your legs, armpit hair can grow in many different directions. After pulling your skin taut, use your razor to shave in all directions—down and then upwards—wiping your skin clean with a warm washcloth after every few strokes.

Wait before applying deodorant 

Applying deodorant? Now that you have a smooth and hairless armpit, let the area rest for a few minutes before swiping on your deodorant. Letting your skin settle after a shave will reduce the likelihood of irritation from applying topical products.