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Shaving with a Safety Razor: Is it really that different?

If you’re new to the safety razor, you’re probably wondering what the differences are shaving with it. And like many newbies, you’re probably a bit nervous too!

There is a learning curve with a safety razor but what I hear time and time again (myself included) is that once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder what the fuss is all about!
If you want to see the razor in action, take a look at our "how to" highlight on Instagram - yes I actually shave with it on camera! This will give you the best feel for shaving with it. Alternatively, you can check out our How-to page for some pointers.

Preparation is key

Make sure you dampen your skin to soften your hair and use a good quality shave oil or soap. When starting out you can’t go wrong with remembering the following mantra: go slow, minimal pressure, short strokes. You’ll speed up and add more pressure as you get used to it. And make sure it’s assembled the right way – otherwise, it won’t shave effectively.

Can I shave my pits and bits?

Yes! You can shave anywhere that you usually would with any regular razor. And the same rules apply when shaving your pubic area or bikini 'undercarriage' – slight squat and hold your juicy bits out of the way with one hand while you shave with the other. And for your landing strip area, a few short strokes with the grain, then a few short strokes against the grain for the closest shave! Imagine how much money you could save waxing :)

From routine to ritual

I'm a serial shaver! My hair grows super quick so I would shave mindlessly 5-6 times a week, it was kind of a chore. The biggest change I've noticed is that I now actually find pleasure in shaving. Getting out my beautiful rose gold razor and luxurious oils, shaving has become more of a self-care ritual than a 'must-do'.

Caring for your razor

Think of your safety razor more like a piece of jewelry in your bathroom and less like a plastic razor that you’re used to tossing in your bathtub. Our razors are made to resist rust however any metal constantly say in water and damp can tarnish over time. I always recommend rinsing, wipe dry, and storing away from water.
Once you’ve done it a couple of times I can promise you’ll never look back!

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  • Amy G on May 13, 2020

    I was wondering about shaving the bits and was about to ask! Haha. Thank you for this information!

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