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Do you have Multigemini? 👀

No, we're not talking star signs.

Have you ever had a gnarly thick hair that you've plucked out, and on closer inspection, you realized there's more than one hair 👀

Well folx, that's "Pili Multigemini". It's when a hair seems to have twinned itself, and two hairs (or more) grow from one single follicle.  

Where does the word come from?

Pili is the plural of pilus, which is derived from the Latin term meaning 'hair'. Multigemini refers to the fact that there are multiple hair shafts derived from a single follicle.

Who is prone to them?

Anyone and everyone! And it doesn't matter whether you shave, wax, laser, there is no one method of hair removal that makes them more prevalent. However, they are more common with thicker hair usually found in beards, pubic areas, and in some cases, armpits.

How can you prevent them?

Dermatologists can't agree on what causes them. So without knowing the root cause, there isn't really a "cure". 

Personally, I like to tweeze them out. I'm perhaps a bit of a weirdo, I love anything to do with tweezing, grooming, popping. I know I shouldn't, but it's just so satisfying!

Let me know in the comments that it's not just me :D


Amy xo

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