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9 Apps to help live more sustainably

We all know that climate change is real.

Our world is on fire are we need to take action, but knowing where to start can feel overwhelming.

Suggestions like improving energy efficiency, restoring ecosystems, and changing government legislation sound kind of impossible for one person to do.

However, there are other ways you can make a difference. Here are 9 apps that will help you to live a little more sustainably in just a couple of clicks.

1. Oroeco

Automatically track your climate impacts with the world’s best carbon footprint calculator. See how every part of your life connects to global warming, from driving and flying to your eating, shopping, and home energy efficiency choices.

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2. Think Dirty

Simply scan your household and beauty products and this app will tell you if there are any toxic or unethical chemicals hiding in them!

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3. Hoopla

Stream movies, televisions shows, audiobooks, music, eBooks for free using your library card!

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4. ThredUp

The world’s largest online fashion thrift store with over 30,000 brands. A personal favourite of mine!

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5. PaperKarma

Snap a photo and save a tree! Unsubscribing from emails is easy but it's not so easy with physical junk mail. Simply snap a picture of your junk mail, upload it to the app, and you'll stop receiving all ads and brochures within 1-3 cycles.

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6. Tap

Find your nearest water refill station anywhere in the world so you don't have to buy plastic water bottles!

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7. DoneGood

Discover and shop ethical brands. Think Amazon, but with brands that are doing good for people and the planet.

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8. Mealime

Discover hundreds of healthy recipes with simple, accessible, and inexpensive ingredients.

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9. Olio

Connect with your neighbours so that surplus food or household items can be shared or taken off your hands, not thrown away!

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