Safety razor

  • I'm gonna keep this short and sweet - if your razor isn't assembled correctly, it won't shave! I mean, maybe a little, but nothing like how it's meant to. The "middle plate" must have the comb facing upwards against the blade, and the smooth side should be against the handle. This is often the n... View Post
  • I’ll admit, for the longest time I didn’t truly understand the difference and used these terms interchangeably. Shockingly, a product can be labelled “non-toxic” if less than 50% of its test subjects did not have a fatal reaction to said product or ingredient. WTF! So in other words, 49% of test ... View Post
  • If you’re new to the safety razor, you’re probably wondering what the differences are shaving with it. And like many newbies, you’re probably a bit nervous too! There is a learning curve with a safety razor but what I hear time and time again (myself included) is that once you’ve tried it, you’l... View Post