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  • Is your candle filling your home with carcinogens?

    There's nothing better than getting lit with your scented candle when you're taking some time for yourself. But do you know what toxins could be hiding in there? I'll admit, I used to just grab a candle in the bargain aisle at HomeSense and didn't look at the label. Things to look out for:💀 Paraf... View Post
  • Caring for your Safety Razor

    With so many advantages to switching to a metal Safety Razor, there's bound to be a downside to ditching the plastic. We are so used to throwing our plastic razor around our tub and leaving it sat in water in our shower with no consequence. But when switching to a metal Safety Razor, you do need ... View Post
  • Is your Safety Razor assembled correctly?

    I'm gonna keep this short and sweet - if your razor isn't assembled correctly, it won't shave! I mean, maybe a little, but nothing like how it's meant to. The "middle plate" must have the comb facing upwards against the blade, and the smooth side should be against the handle. This is often the n... View Post